Data Magic to Grow Your Small Business

TIMELY DECISION DATATM from Your Existing Software Systems

Automate the capture, cleanup and delivery of
TIMELY DECISION DATATM from your company's existing software systems so you can:
1) Increase operating cash flow
2) Make better decisions to grow your business
3) Avoid a costly E.R.P. software implementation


Small business owners and their love/hate relationship with software

Many small and medium size business (SMB) owners sacrifice convenience for low cost. They live with separate accounting and industry-specific apps to run their companies.A common tradeoff with these cost-effective (but disconnected) systems is a lack of TIMELY DECISION DATATM they can use to streamline workflows and make better decisions.If your problem is disconnected software systems and operational inefficiencies stunting growth of your small business, then we can help.Why?Jake is a fellow small business owner with similar disconnected systems who figured out efficient, automated ways to extract, shape and report TIMELY DECISION DATATM from those systems to drive better decisions for his company and for clients. This saved time and money for his business and his clients.We can do the same for you.

The Problem

Stuck with software silos

These disconnected systems do not integrate well. Billing doesn’t play nice with the general ledger. Payroll doesn’t acknowledge fleet-tracking GPS logs. Accounts Receivable and CRM are not even on speaking terms.The result? Many SMBs use Excel or Google Sheets to combine data from these systems manually every month.Are you frustrated that these software systems do not talk to each other?Are you tired of their canned reports that are hard to analyze and do not help you make better decisions?How much time does your company waste every month with manual and duplicate data entry requiring one or more employees to get it done?


Custom Business Intelligence (BI) Tools - streamlined processes and data when and where you need it.

What are the gaps between your systems and the reports you wish they provided?Tell us how you want to manage your company better and what data – or streamlined workflows – you need in order to do that.We listen and help you sort through the data trapped in your existing systems that need to be liberated and cleaned up.Then Data Make You Smile customizes and automates the dashboards, reports and streamlined processes that deliver the TIMELY DECISION DATATM you need.

Just say "no" to the e.r.p. upgrade

Business Intelligence (BI) tools give you more control of your company and its cash flow

Again, if your problem is disconnected software systems and operational inefficiencies stunting growth of your small business, we can help.We eliminate manual data entry and automate data capture from these disconnected software systems so that you can make better decisions to grow your company.And we help you delay (possibly eliminate) the costly ERP implementation project you’ve been dreading.We are entrepreneurs, finance professionals and SMB owners ourselves, so we share your frustration with disconnected software and reporting systems. We have built dozens of custom BI solutions for our own SMBs and others, and we couldn’t help but smile when we saw the results.In your favorite used car salesman voice, say to yourself:“THAT’LL make you SMILE!”Go ahead. No one is watching.It sounds like "Data Make You Smile" don’t you think?Is that silly? Yes it is.Does it describe the transformation we deliver to you? Absolutely.We think you will smile when Data Make You Smile transforms data from your company's disconnected systems into custom business intelligence tools and TIMELY DECISION DATATM you need to streamline your business and grow your cash flow.


Dashboards that put you in the driver seat. Streamlined processes that save valuable time and money.

You may be asking yourself “Can Data Make You Smile really capture difficult-to-get data from our clunky billing software and turn it into the TIMELY DECISION DATATM that I need?” Yes we can.The business intelligence (BI) solutions we deliver are custom-built for each client. Below are actual BI tools that we built for small business owners like you.Subscriber dashboard summarizing hundreds of thousands of data records in a dynamic report you can filter on the fly (by date, time period, department, division, market, product type) to see subscriber growth and rates of change. This dynamic, interactive dashboard replaced a useless, 50-page, canned PDF report from the billing system.Monthly revenue journal entry import to replace a three-days-per-month manual journal entry process with a ten-minutes-per-month data import to post monthly billing data to the general ledger, saving 14% of the accounting manager’s time each month.Circuit utilization report transforming millions of log entries into “danger zone” graphs to predict when communications circuits would reach maximum capacity.Top ten report to filter and sort years of vendor spend or customer revenue by top ten (volume, time period, sales rep, etc.)Work comp audit support to clean, shape and combine messy payroll data - from two different payroll service providers and for two partial periods - to provide total earnings by employee and by work comp code to the client's insurance carrier to minimize work comp premiums assessed by the carrier.Custom BI solutions - Dozens more custom data models adapted from existing hard-to-use data sources to meet specific client needs.Data Make You Smile's SMB ownership, operations and financial reporting experience means we can quickly assess and access data sources and shape their output for the TIMELY DECISION DATATM you need as a small business owner.


Make better decisions and increase the value of your business

Your existing software systems already have more data than you realize.Working with Data Make You Smile can postpone or eliminate that ERP upgrade and help you take better control of marketing, sales, operations accounting, finance and ultimately, cash flow in your business.Your confidence will soar when you have the TIMELY DECISION DATATM you need to make better decisions as an owner and grow your company’s cash flow.


Free Bonus - The DMYS Cash Box

As part of the onboarding process, Data Make You Smile will build for you a data tool that aggregates all your company’s historical and recent bank transactions into a single file.The DMYS Cash Box allows you to sort, filter and search all transactions that post to your bank account by date, amount, description, payee - any data field provided by your bank.Spend five minutes with the DMYS Cash Box and you will wonder why you never had this tool before. You won’t want to live without it.That is why it is yours to keep - even if you choose not to subscribe to Data Make You Smile’s business intelligence services to build more of these useful TIMELY DECISION DATATM tools for your business.Cash Internal ControlsOften we see in our client companies a lack of internal controls related to cash. You may have employees you trust managing accounting and finance. But you may regret not doing your own periodic check on the management of cash in your company.You need a way to do a quick search for a particular cash transaction (deposit, check, ACH disbursement or wire transfer). Or search for a specific dollar amount. Or for all cash transactions posted between two dates. This free tool allows you to do that.As you use the DMYS Cash Box, you will notice patterns that help you better understand the cash cycle in your company and possibly discover:* Out-of-the-ordinary transactions
* Recurring charges that should have been cancelled
* Unreconciled bank statements (NOTE: this is a big red flag indicating that other processes or controls may be broken and require your intervention.)
* Fraud or embezzlement of cash from your business (worst case)
Perpetual, Reusable ToolTo build your custom DMYS Cash Box, we use sample data that you download from your bank’s online portal. You never share your bank login information with Data Make You Smile.The DMYS Cash Box resides on your own computer or server and accesses your company’s transaction history, also stored on your computer or server.We build the DMYS Cash Box so that it will continue to capture future bank transactions that you download from your bank’s online portal, even if you are no longer a client of Data Make You Smile.Peace of Mind About CashAvoid the gut punch and sinking feeling from discovering theft in your own business. Guard your cash and gain peace of mind knowing where it comes from and where it goes.We believe this is so important for you as a business owner, that it is yours to keep even if you don't subscribe to Data Make You Smile’s services.We serve a limited number of clients, and when we are at capacity, you may be placed on a waitlist. So click the "Onboarding Buy Now” button to get your free DMYS Cash Box now.You will be glad you did.

Smile or you don't pay

As many BI project requests as you want
for a flat monthly fee (delivered one at a time)

Onboarding - one time fee

$2,997 (one time)

This one-time fee covers work with you and your team to assess your existing data systems to deliver TIMELY DECISION DATATM that you need to grow your business.If Data Make You Smile cannot deliver your desired outcomes, then we will happily refund your onboarding fee.Smile or you don’t pay. That is the Data Make You Smile money-back promise.We serve a limited number of clients, and when we are at capacity, you may be placed on a waitlist. So click the "Onboarding Buy Now” button. You will be glad you did.


$4,997 (monthly)

We tackle one project at a time and deliver the active project for your approval and immediate use, typically within five business days. If necessary, we also provide written and/or video instructions for your team so they can use the new tool.You approve the deliverable for that active project, then move another project from the “Queued” section to the “Active” section in Trello. We confirm the scope and desired outcome with you and begin work on that next active request.In addition to custom-built data models and reports, you get 25+ years of CFO and SMB owner experience baked into our services. We provide feedback for improving and streamlining internal processes to save you even more time and money.We serve a limited number of clients, and when we are at capacity, you may be placed on a waitlist. So click the "Onboarding Buy Now” button. You will be glad you did.We are confident that TIMELY DECISION DATATM and streamlined operations will make you SMILE. If not, we will gladly refund your latest monthly subscription fee.Smile or you don’t pay. That is the Data Make You Smile money-back promise.


One workspace to track all your BI projects

After onboarding, Data Make You Smile provides a dedicated project management dashboard that contains all communications about your BI tool requests.Manage BI tool requests in Trello
Manage BI tool requests using Trello with an at-a-glance view of queued, active and completed projects. Trello contains all files and communications for your BI tools to eliminate emails and text messages and preserve the scope and history of each project.
BI tool pipeline always open in Trello
Except during the onboarding process, you won’t have to meet with us. Use Trello 24/7 to stack new BI tool requests in the queue.
Unlimited team members in Trello
You can invite as many team members as you like to submit requests and track their progress in Trello.

Approve it and own it
We custom build each BI tool for your company. If you or your team approved the deliverable, you own it.
Data models, dashboards and reports you control
Whether it is a parameter-driven data model in an Excel file on your company's server, a dynamic, real-time dashboard hosted on the web, or a BI tool on some other platform, you have the peace of mind that the data model is yours.
Up to 5 team members can access hosted dashboards and reports
You can invite up to five (5) team members (for example: owner, finance, marketing, operations, admin) to access custom reports hosted on the web (for example, at*.
Flexible with no long-term contract
Pause or cancel your subscription anytime.
* Hosting fees for any web-based dashboards and reports are covered in your monthly Data Make You Smile subscription. If you pause or cancel your subscription, you will pay hosting fees directly to the host (for example, here is pricing for Power BI), to maintain access to your dashboards and reports.


Trello Workspace Deeper Dive

Below are screen shots from Data Make You Smile's workspace in Trello with instructions and descriptions to help you get a head start on the onboarding process.


No Problem. Let's Connect.

Please share your contact information below. Don't worry - we will keep it under lock and key.Please include in the "Message" field a description of your "wish list" for process improvements and TIMELY DECISION DATATM you want for your business.We will call and email you ASAP to answer any questions you have and make you SMILE very soon.Thank you for reaching out.Sincerely,
Jake Gray